Hello  and welcome to HSCT Stops MS. It does. It really does and we are going to find out how! The intention of this site is to clarify in simple terms how HSCT stops the disease progression of ALL TYPES of Multiple Sclerosis.  We explain some of the commonly misunderstood aspects of this treatment.  It  is the only scientifically proven therapy currently available that totally halts disease progression in MS as well as many other autoimmune diseases.


The criteria for treatment differs according to the various different facilities.  For everyone, the initial introduction to HSCT and attendant information can seem overwhelming, at first. It can all seem a little intimidating. Our intention is to convey in a simple and comprehensive way the main factors that need to be addressed when considering HSCT.  You will find a wealth of information on this site to help you to understand HSCT and how it works. There is also a complete list of the facilities world wide that perform HSCT. The two different forms of HSCT will be explained and frequently asked questions about the procedure will be addressed.




The main reason I set up this site, was because when I first heard about HSCT I found myself struggling to comprehend all of the different technicalities and variables that have to be taken on board and clearly understood when considering treatment.  Once I had decided that pursuing treatment was a priority for myself I excitedly informed my family and friends that I no longer needed to live with the terror of MS, as a new treatment was available to stop my disease progression.


Attempting to explain HSCT to friends and loved ones became my next stumbling block. Most of them did not even understand MS. One friend summed it up when I told him that things were getting worse: “I don’t really know what MS is; but I know it’s bad!” This site is here to show to your friends and family and help them to understand just how important getting this treatment is to your future and if they love you, to theirs.  Unless you live with MS it is impossible to understand what a cruel and unforgiving monster it is. HSCT is the sword that can slay the dragon that is MS and give back hope and life!



Once you have grasped the general concept and you might  wish to ask more questions. These are often of a scientific or medical nature. Please go to Facebook and join the forum”HSCT Awareness”. This  is moderated by many knowledgeable people (many of whom have been treated with HSCT) and my lovely self! ;-). There are many other HSCT groups on facebook. The groups are divided into different categories. Some by countries, others by protocols or facilities. Talking to people who have been treated at different facilities is invaluable in helping you to decide whether you wish to be treated and if so where. For example there is a fabulous group in Australia headed up by Kristy Cruise, one of the first people in Australia to be treated in Russia. Moving Mountains To Defeat M.S. has helped numerous people in the Southern Hemisphere.


Equally there is a forum that deals with Dr. Burt and treatment in Chicago where insurance will cover the treatment bill if you meet the criteria. Dr. Burt’s Support Group can offer advice and advise on how to submit insurance applications etc. The UK group advises how to be treated free of charge on the NHS if you  meet the criteria and are a UK citizen. All of the groups and extremely helpful and kind. We will all do our  best to help you navigate the HSCT path. With many veteran’s as members you will get good honest advice.



HSCT is still not available in mainstream national health care in most countries. It is now available in the UK on the NHS if you meet the criteria. This is in line with the EBMT guidelines, based on the Dr. Burt protocol. The primary criteria is to show active inflammation and enhanced lesions as evidenced by an MRI.  While trials are being conducted in several countries (please access this information under ‘choosing a facility’ in the menu), it will be many years before this is a recognized and available procedure in mainstream medicine.


It has to be said that in the last 5 years it has become widely recognized around the World. It has been recognized as an effective treatment for those with Relapse Remitting MS.  Also for Secondary progressive MS for those diagnosed within the last 10 years.  In order to gain optimum benefit from HSCT it is imperative that transplantation is undertaken earlier in the disease life cycle. When performed later in the disease evolution, there is a greater degree of irreversible disability. HSCT halts the disease but cannot always repair damage already done. This means that it is a fight against time for many stricken with MS, who have the added burden of coming up with the money to ensure that they catch this boat before it leaves the harbour! More information about MS and how it affect people can be found here: http://www.hsctstopsms.com/what-is-ms-and-how-does-it-manifest/


I wish you all the very best with your journey to pursue treatment and banish the curse of MS from your life once and for all and hope that you find the information here helpful.

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  1. Best regards, I was diagnosed with MS in august 2015 RRMS and on 2 September 2015 i made Stem Cell Transplant and CCSVI and know i am feeling fine.
    I want to know the best clinic where i can make HSCT because i want to be sure my ms is stoped.
    Thank you !

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I gave read up on this website and am thoroughly impressed on the level of information and its relevance. As a former MS’er I do support aiding other MS’ers and to get the word out. I am planning to ‘pay forward’ by increasing awareness and promoting this website.

  3. Wonderful work in getting the information out.
    My wife had HSCT done in Chicago by Dr Richard K Burt almost 5 years ago.
    Keep up the great work trying to educate people!

  4. I had the treatment in Russia in December and it was nothing short of life changing. I am starting full time work in October and I can know go to the gym and dead lift, squat and bench press what “normal” people my age can’t. My next objective is to run (I can now shuffle on a treadmill). This is a great page and I will put it up on my Facebook page to give people access to the great information contained here.

    Best regards


    1. Congratulations and thanks Danny. Yes please this site was created to help inform people and remove the confusion around HSCT, so sharing would be great! Good luck! 🙂

    2. HI! I’m reading everything about HSCT and researching the facilities for a friend with MS. He’s had this horrible disease for almost half his life (47 yrs).
      I’m encouraged by everyone who comments abt their story. Your comment is the latest post..I’m not seeing any posts in 2017; that worries me.
      Pls …if you have any more information you’d like to share abt your HSCT treatment, how your symptoms were changed and how you’re doing now. Any words of wisdom, I will join the FB HSCT Awareness pg but I’m trying to connect with real people…trying to find real people that have done this treatment and show him that he MUST DO THIS treatment. Thank you, Genevieve Prichard

      1. Hi Genevieve,

        The reason that there are less comments on here for 2017 is that I get so many that I have been replying personally to stop clogging the site. But perhaps this is depriving people of information so in future I will post my replies. There are many factors that decide how well HSCT will work for a particular candidate. I would need a lot more information about your friend before advising you. How long has he been diagnosed? You mention his age, so has he taken any Disease modifying drugs and if so how many and what types? What is his EDSS and what type of MS has he been diagnosed with? Please reply and I will attempt to help you. I myself decided against HSCT for myself after much deliberation and after observing many others receiving treatment over a period of 4 years. I deducted that as a Secondary Progressive and with my particular symptoms and age that it was a toss up that could result in making me worse. Instead I have decided to pursue high dose vitamin D Therapy as discovered by Brazilian Neurologist Dr. Coimbra. I have had positive results and I intend to expand this site and explain the protocol and how it works. I have been on it now for almost 1 year. I am a huge advocate of HSCT if you are the right candidate, but it is encouraging to realise there are other options out there that do work and are considerably less harsh on the body and the wallet. Please answer my questions and I do my best to point you in the right direction.

  5. Hi I m from india. Wanted to know if thr is any diff in terms of protocol across countries. Being from india considering to have HSCT in Indu. Was diagnosed with PPMS in 2016.
    Pl suggest.

    1. Hi Rajiv,

      Yes the protocols do differ, but Myelo is not offered anywhere for PPMS. Most of the protocols that offer Myelo are signed up to the EBMT which means that they will only treat people that are RRMS with active lesions and inflammation as evidenced by an MRI. They essentially follow the Dr. Burt guidelines for treating people with HSCT. India, Mexico, Russia who offer treatment to SPMS and sometimes PPMS all perform Non-Myelo. I believe the Philipines has a protocol that is more in line with Myelo but I am not sure exactly what their criteria for treatment is. It may be worth contacting them to find out. Their information is on the HSCT Facilites page of this site.

    1. Hi Robert,

      I am in the process of updating the site and adding more information. Many people are not suitable for HSCT as you probably know. It is less effective in many cases for people with progressive forms. I have been observing people being treated now for 5 years and there are many cases that do not benefit from HSCT and some unfortunate people who have found the treatment detrimental. There are many things that help to slow or ever stop progression. The Coimbra high dose Vitamin D Protocol specifically, has been miraculous for many. Since the objective of HSCT is to stop progression it is definitely worth looking at this option. I myself have found this beneficial. It was devised by Dr. Coimbra, a Brazilian Neurologist/Research Scientist who has assertained that people suffering from autoimmune diseases have a genetic predisposition that prevents them from making or metabolizing Vitamin D effectively(which is a hormone not a vitamin). This is what causes the body to malfunction.
      If you need more info let me know and can forward some links, but I am working on getting this information up soon.

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