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I am a happy, friendly soul who is simply trying to raise money to allow treatment for this horrid disease and continue my life without having the fear and terror of living with MS!

As a  costume designer who loves designing and creating anything visual I am looking for the chance to continue doing what I love! I have had the joy of working with a lot of great people on a lot of wonderful projects. You can have a look at my work at:

I was diagnosed with MS in Los Angeles in 2010.

I moved back to London after over 20 years in Los Angeles.

tina and seren march 2014

Picture of Tina with Seren (Welsh Terrier)

Being diagnosed came as a real shock. I have always been fit and healthy, exercised well above average, a five mile run would regularly start my day. Suddenly feeling very vulnerable and helpless was a very new feeling for me. It is very difficult to convey how shocking this disease is. Waking each day and not knowing how it will impact your life. Life has become a roller coaster of uncertainty.

When I first heard about HSCT 6 months ago, I was skeptical at first. So many hopes for a cure have shown to be a waste of time. I did a LOT of research. Finally I realized that this was no bogus treatment and offered real hope for people with MS. The treatment has proven to stop the underlying disease activity in all types of MS. The caveat is that in order to stop the disease progression and maximize the chance of improving lost function and mobility, treatment needs to take place as early in the pathology of the disease as possible! This is why I need to raise money to be treated sooner rather than later! My condition has dramatically deteriorated in the last two years and the writing is on the wall. I need to do this now if I am going to avoid the dreaded wheel chair!!

Unfortunately this treatment is not available on the NHS, and the only chance of being treated is to be treated abroad. Please donate to help me get rid of MS for good!

To DONATE – please use the link below:



    1. Hi David,

      No not yet. I am scheduled for Russia in Feb 2017. If you would like to ask questions and get more information please go to Facebook and Join “HSCT Awareness”. There you will find many people who have been treated and who are waiting for treatment dates. There is a wealth of knowledge, information and advice available. Good luck.

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