It has been four years since I first set up HSCT STOPS MS. I was originally fund raising for treatment in Russian. Since then I have journeyed far. When when updating the site I wanted to share what I have learned with everyone.  I profoundly believe these discoveries have positively impacted my MS.





I am proud to have been able to help many people access HSCT treatment. It has been very fulfilling and I will continue to do so.  I fully endorse HSCT for the right candidates.   We have been witness to some amazing results that have given many people a new lease of life.




It is worth bearing in mind that HSCT treatment is however expensive.  Many people have found it difficult to raise the funds for treatment. Some cash in on their home. They use the equity they have built over a lifetime to finance their treatment. Other people have reached out to their communities for help. Mass fundraisers have raised miraculous sums of money in a very short space of time. In other situations family members have clubbed together to help one of their own. In most cases where there is a will there is always a way.




Family members invariably seek the validation of the Neurologist for HSCT. This is natural when treatment is so expensive. Occasionally they do not endorse HSCT. Some are  unfamiliar with HSCT, misled about either the risks involved or the treatment itself.  HSCT was first used for cancer in the 1950’s. Allogeneic transplantation was first performed by E. Donnall Thomas in 1957. The use of HSCT for autoimmune diseases did not take place until the  early 1990’s. There have been vast improvements in the protocols for HSCT in recent years. These have significantly reduced the risks involved with treatment. The best person to evaluate your suitability for the procedure is the protocol doctor at your treatment facility. Your Neurologist is probably much less qualified to advise you on this treatment. This is because a Hematologist is the specialist overseeing HSCT.  A good analogy would be going to your car mechanic to get your heating fixed.




In my own case, I had observed many people pursue the treatment from early on. I could see first hand  how different patients responded to HSCT.  After much consideration I conceded that I was not an ideal candidate. It was suspected that a benign case of relapse remitting MS  had become Secondary Progressive MS by the time I was diagnosed at 48. The main objective with HSCT is to halt the progression of the disease. However one has to take into consideration the risks involved with treatment. I am not referring to the mortality risk as this is low these days, but more to the recovery from the treatment itself. While it may halt the progression long term, it is dependent on the health and vitality of the patient going in. It is not a ‘work-all-miracle-cure’ for everyone.




It is important that people are realistic about their expectations when deciding to embark on HSCT! I was not prepared to put the effort into fund raising and  putting myself through the vigor’s of Chemotherapy without any guarantee that I would enjoy success. Lets face it MS is a hard road to travel. When I finally decided that HSCT was not the right choice for me I continued to look at other alternatives.   There are a lot of ‘miracles’ out there and naturally like everyone else, I have been have been skeptical.  It is very instinctive to be distrustful of what seems to good to be true. For this reason I have been keen to offer my own validation for the protocols that I advocate on this site. Please by all means reach out if you need further information about anything you find on my site.All of the original HSCT information has been included and updated including  changes in protocols and facilities. I encourage people to read all of  the information  that I have explored on this site.  I believe all of  these  different protocols  have contributed to  stabilizing my disease.  They have my made the quality of  life infinitely better.




Multiple Sclerosi and lots of Vitamin D By Ana Claudia Domenguez
This book is highly recommended if you are researching the Coimbra Protocol. It is a quick and easy read and explains everything very well.

The Coimbra Protocol was  one of the first treatments that I came across while researching alternatives to HSCT.  I  was intrigued by the concept behind it. When I was initially diagnosed with MS in California in 2010  I had almost no vitamin D in my system. This was despite living in California, doing boot camp in the park in the sunshine every morning and going regularly to the beach. It made no sense that I would have no vitamin D when I had a permanent tan! I was attracted to the logic behind the treatment being advocated by Dr. Coimbra.


After doing my initial research and making inquiries I traveled to Portugal to meet a protocol doctor.  This page covers all of the information involved with in seeking treatment in Portugal. The great thing about this protocol is that it is inexpensive (everyone can afford it) and it really works!  It is especially effective on those that benefit the most from HSCT. Relapse Remitting forms that have been more recently diagnosed. However there are many people like myself with secondary or even Primary progressive forms that have benefited from the Dr. Coimbra High Dose vitamin D protocol. Please read more about this and the incredible success stories that it has inspired here on my site.




This book is a MUST READ if you are considering embarking on the Ann Borach diet.

While pursuing the Coimbra Vitamin D Protocol, a facebook group  led me to the discovery of  ‘The Ann Borach Candida protocol’. Again I had heard of Candida but never really knew much about it.  I ignorantly thought that it was a sexually transmitted disease. My confusion stemmed from the fact  that it is a yeast infection common in many women, not a sexually transmitted disease.


Candida is typically found in small amounts in peoples mouths,  intestines and on skin. At normal levels, the fungus is not problematic. However, when  Candida begins to grow uncontrollably, it can cause an infection known as Candidiasis. In fact, Candida is the most common cause of fungal infections in humans. It is particularly destructive in those people who have compromised immune systems.


For myself it was a revelation reading the book and consequently embarking on the protocol. The first three months were not easy but the improvements in my health soon began to manifest.  I  am a huge advocate of this protocol and still follow the basic tenets of this diet today. Please do read the section explaining how Ann Borach cured herself of MS in four years and also how Janet Orchard the wonderful lady that introduced me to the protocol has managed to take back control of her life after spending 18 years in a wheelchair!




While following the Ann Borach anti-candida diet where the main thrust of the protocol involves the removal of all sugar from the diet, I began to learn more about the Ketogenic Diet. Researching the impact that the Keto diet has on MS and other autoimmune diseases, I came across clinical studies by scientists such as Dominic P D’Agostino.  This website has a wealth of knowledge on how a Ketogenic Diet benefits not only those with autoimmune diseases but many other diseases including cancer.  We also discuss the benefits of combining intermittent fasting with the Keto Lifestyle to promote optimal health.




A section is included regarding the use of Biotin for MS.  A lot of people have enjoyed improvements in their symptoms since starting this protocol. Also known as Vitamin B7 or vitamin H it is inexpensive and easy to take. A french study concluded that is was particularly useful for progressive MS patients. I have added this to my daily regimen and enjoyed wonderful results. You can read about it in detail under ‘Other protocols’.


Neurologists on the whole do not advocate any diets to mitigate the damage caused by MS. However they are now advising MS patients to increase their vitamin D intake to 5,000 IU’s per day on the NHS (National Health Care in the UK). The admission ( 10 years after the fact) that MS patients have a propensity for low levels of vitamin D still has no real consideration for what is causing the underlying problem.  Most still have no comprehension of the Coimbra protocol and the research behind the higher doses.There remains a stubbornness and dare I say in many respects a laziness among Neurologists to actively explore and understand the published benefits of the protocols that I am advocating. Big Pharma drives mainstream medicine. Money is key. Long-term drug protocols generate the most money.  HSCT is a one time procedure. The Coimbra vitamin D protocol involves taking only vitamin D and supplements. Diet protocols do not involve Drugs.Big Pharma contrives to suppress information regarding these protocols. Mainstream medicine is often reliant on donations from Big Pharma.




Following on from this I  discovered Jason Fung and the amazing benefits of water fasting.  Please see this interview with him and  Dr. Mercola (who is also a huge advocate) to explore  the health benefits of water fasting. All of these protocols  have inspired and informed me on my MS journey.  You will find a wealth of information  on this site.The latest scientific discoveries regarding diet and MS are explored as well as the importance of  gut biome health. There are multiple diets out there that claim to halt or delay the progression of MS. I have tried several.These include serious juice fasting, the Wahls Protocol ( I did this for 2 years with no success) and a paleo diet. I enjoyed some success with the paleo diet which led me to find the Ketogenic diet. What I am saying here is that I have tried several with little success, so the ones that I am promoting on this site are ones for which I feel I have had tangible results.




This is why I sincerely urge you to be your own best advocate. Leave no stone un-turned in your quest to find answers and always, always ask questions when a Neurologist  suggests that you begin a serious main line drug. There will always be side effects with any drug, and one has to ask whether the long term benefits will  outweigh the long term side effects of taking the drug?
I am an advocate of giving your body the tools to heal itself. The body of those with MS has malfunctioned. But the body is an amazing creation. With help it has the power to heal itself. Often taking drugs masks the problem, while more serious damage is going on behind the scenes. Please read about water fasting as it will help you to understand Autophagy and how this has opened new avenues in understanding the power of the body to heal itself.


I am grateful for all of the amazing information I have been privy to. I have come to believe that the body is like an orchestra. All of the instruments have to be working in harmony to make beautiful music. And you have to trust that when it made beautiful music before MS, it can make beautiful music again. I hope you find all of this information useful and enlightening. It really has made a huge difference in my life, If you have questions please feel free to comment on the page and I will reply. It is useful to keep the information sources live, so that if people have questions everyone can benefit from sharing the knowledge. If you wish to remain private by all mean message me and I will do my best to help!

All the best – Louise. 🙂