It has been four years since I first set up HSCT STOPS MS. I was originally fund raising for treatment in Russian. Since then I have journeyed far. And when updating the site I wanted to share with everyone my experiences, what I have learned along the way and what I have discovered that has formed my own MS experience. I still get e-mails every day from all over the World and I am happy to say I have helped many people pursue treatment. It has been very fulfilling and I have been very happy to help anyone I can. There have been lots of success stories, some less successful stories and joy and heartache both!
Lets face it MS is a hard road to travel. However when I finally decided that HSCT was not the right choice for me I continued to look at other alternatives and have found many things that have worked. I have included all of the original HSCT information and updated it to reflect changes in protocols and facilities. I have to reiterate that I am still a huge advocate of HSCT for the right candidates and will continue to share my knowledge to facilitate their desire to get treatment.  I really encourage people to read the information that is included about the Coimbra High Dose Vitamin D Protocol. I believe this to have stabilized my disease along with the other protocols and therapies that I have embraced. HSCT is expensive and unfortunately not suitable for many Multiple Sclerosis patients. The majority of people seeking treatment have found it very hard to raise the funds needed for HSCT. This is  why I wanted to introduce people to other alternatives that have proved equally effective and entirely feasible in terms of affordability for everyone.
In my own personal case, I had observed many people pursue the treatment and was lucky enough to be able to see who really benefited from the treatment. I did not feel that I was an ideal candidate. With secondary progressive MS it appeared that I had probably had a benign case of relapse remitting MS for a considerable number of years before diagnosis. When I was diagnosed I was 48. There was a chance that it would work for me, but my gut feeling, based on the cases I had observed first hand, told me that it would probably not. I was not prepared to put the effort into fund raising and also putting myself through the vigor’s of Chemotherapy without any guarantee that I would enjoy success. Especially when there were other options on the table that I could try first.
This is when I discovered The Coimbra Protocol and I was intrigued. When I was initially diagnosed with MS I had almost no vitamin D in my system. This was despite living in California, doing boot camp in the park in the sunshine every morning and going regularly to the beach. It made no sense that I would have no vitamin D when I had a permanent tan! I was attracted to the logic behind the treatment Dr. Coimbra was advocating.
After making enquirers I traveled to Portugal to meet a protocol doctor and begin the treatment ( I have information on my travel to visit Dr. Miguel Damas in the Coimbra section of this site) The great thing about this protocol is that it is cheap and it works! It is especially effective on those that benefit the most from HSCT, namely Relapse Remitting forms that have been more recently diagnosed. However there are many people like myself with secondary or progressive forms that have benefited from the Dr. Coimbra High Dose vitamin D protocol.
Another discovery led me to the ‘The Anne Borach Candida protocol’. Again I had heard of Candida but never really knew much about it. It was a revelation reading the book and then embarking on the protocol. The first three months were not easy but the benefits soon began to reveal themselves, and I still follow the basic tenets of this diet today.
After listening to many nutritional  scientists proclaim the amazing health benefits of the Ketogenic Diet, for people with neurological diseases I chose to embark on this way of eating.  I have found this diet invaluable to my general health on a daily basis. The reduction of inflammation in the body is palpable.  Intermittent fasting and occasional extended water fasting  have also been included in “Other Protocols”, that I have discovered in my never ending journey to improve my health. Biotin (vitamin H also known as vitamin B7)  as well as meditation, the power of the placebo and Epigenetics are also discussed. I advocate the virtues of each one. I truly believe they have made a difference to inhibiting  my disease progression and keep me optimistic every day that there are many ways  to improve my condition. The body works like a Symphony. Many instruments working in harmony together make beautiful music.
I honestly believe that the body is a magnificent thing and with care and respect can achieve miracles.
I hope you find all of this information useful and enlightening. If you have questions please feel free to message me! 🙂